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More than an adjustment.


Reduce stress fast and naturally for the long-term. At The Wellness Way, we specialize in proven stress reduction techniques that help you manage both day-to-day stressors and stress that you have been carrying with you for years.

Get On the Path to Sustainable Stress Reduction


Life is fast and it isn’t slowing down. Learning how to manage the stressors that affect your living can help you lead a healthier, fuller life, through strategies that fit into your lifestyle.

How your body reacts to stress can tell you a lot, including helping determine if you have an increased risk of certain diseases. Regardless of whether or not you feel stress, it continuously affects each of us in a myriad of ways. If stress is not properly addressed, any health-related efforts that you make may fall well short of their intended results. This is why at The Wellness Way we place a significant effort on stress reduction.

Our chiropractic specialists help individuals identify ways to help minimize stress that may be considered controllable, but we also realize that there are often times stress may feel out of control. If that is the case, we don’t ignore it. We help you figure out how to prevent stress from preventing progress with your health journey, as well as methods for tackling stress when it does occur.

What is a Stressor?


A stressor is anything that triggers stress. The specific things that serve as stressors in your life are often very specific to your individual experiences, though there are three distinct camps that most stressors fall into.

  • Physical Stressors: Whenever the body is under physical stress, we call it trauma. Chiropractors remove trauma with physical adjustments.

  • Chemical Stressors: These include the many toxins our bodies come into contact with in our environment and the foods we eat. Toxins can trigger immune responses in our bodies. Sometimes these responses can be either immediate or delayed, sometimes people don’t realize their bodies are having delayed responses to an allergy and it is difficult to recognize the cause.

  • Mental Stressors: Every day we encounter many forms of this type of stressor. It is important to learn how to control our thoughts. Scheduling, delegating tasks, and prioritizing are some ways to help manage stress. This all takes time and discipline but it is worth the effort.


Some stressors may fall into more than one of these categories. Likewise, many people experience multiple stressors from multiple categories at one time.

Natural Stress Relief


We all experience stress differently, but we can all also learn techniques for naturally managing stress that make it easier to deal with the stressors in our lives. The Wellness Way approach to stress relief is focused on lifestyle changes that help you address three main areas of your life, which we refer to as the 3 Ts: Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts. These can be traced back to the original philosophy and of chiropractic care, and are tantamount for effective stress relief.

  • Traumas are events both big and small that cause you pain or mental distress.

  • Toxins are external substances that get into your body and compromise the functioning of its key systems. They include processed foods and drinks, medications, cosmetics, environmental pollutants, and many others.

  • Thoughts and thought patterns are the beliefs that inform mental and emotional distress both consciously and unconsciously.


In addition to addressing the 3 Ts in our chiropractic service, we employ additional targeted, natural stress reduction strategies that help you cope with any traumas, toxins or thoughts that are causing or perpetuating stress in your life.

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