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 Dr. Katy Eisele


It was during my sophomore year of high school that my journey to chiropractic began. I had been riding horses since the age of 8 and had fallen off more times than I could count over the years. At age 16,  I had so much neck pain that my mom found me lying in bed crying one evening because I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. 

My mom gave me a choice: see a medical doctor or go see my parents' chiropractor, Dr. Canadi. Even though I was afraid of the unknown, I didn't want the medications the doctor would give me or receive the vaccination I wasn't updated on.


I couldn't have imagined the magnitude that starting chiropractic care would have on my life!

My chiropractor explained that when the spine isn't properly aligned, the nervous system can't function optimally. The result? Pain and disease. With chiropractic adjustments, my spine was realigned to allow optimal nervous system function.

Not only did my neck pain disappear, but I saw how chiropractic care made incredible changes in my overall well-being. After a few months, I began to talk more, smile more, eat healthier, sleep better and even took up running.

I felt transformed and gained so much confidence that I knew I would devote myself to the study of the body and Chiropractic care.


Ever since then I have been on a mission to help others discover a better way of life and educating them on the spine and benefits of aligning the nervous system. 

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