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Dr. Sarah Smirnova




Webster Technique

Muscle Testing


Injury Rehab

My chiropractic journey started over ten years ago when I first became a chiropractic assistant and learned about true healthcare. I was twenty years old and suffering from allergies, sleeping problems, anxiety, taking medication, and enduring several chronic aches and pains. 

My journey started as "just another job" but ended up being my life's passion. 

While working as an assistant, I had the privilege of receiving regular chiropractic care and saw the amazing ability the body has to heal itself. After getting regular chiropractic adjustments and making important changes in my nutrition, exercise, and attitude, I started noticing major changes! I was no longer breaking out in hives, my breathing was stronger, I was sleeping better, had increased energy, and I didn't have any more chronic aches and pains! My personal health and well being had catapulted rather than continuing to spiral in a less desirable direction.


My new found health completely unlocked my personal potential!

I decided to dedicate my life to this profession since it was the profession that had given me back so much of my life. With several colleges around the United States to choose from, I decided to attend Life University in Marietta, Georgia. My schooling gave me the opportunity to focus on Family and Pediatric Care while getting my Doctorate in Chiropractic. 

Although I loved my time down south, Michigan has always been my home. I moved back to my home state and have been practicing in Ann Arbor and the Lansing area for the past eight years. In that time, I have been able to continually reaffirm my passion and decision to dedicate my life to help families achieve new levels in health and wellness. I also now have a little girl of my own, that I am raising here in Ann Arbor, and it has renewed my passion in helping children and parents be healthy and happy in our wonderful community.

In striving to support more families, Dr. Katy and I are excited about joining the Wellness Way! This gives us more tools to help you figure out what is going on specifically with your body and look at your individual stresses through specific lab testing. Then we can make an individualized care plan for you, based on those stresses, to help you heal. 

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