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Nutrition Response Testing

Nourishing your body with the proper nutrients is essential for optimal health and a thriving body.

Ever wondered if you are deficient in a certain mineral/vitamin? Or have you wondered if there are certain environmental stressors affecting your bodies health?


Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a technique that Dr. Katy utilizes to detect what stress or nutrition deficiency might be contributing to her patients health concerns. Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive analysis of how the different points of the surface of the body relate to the health and flow of energy in each and every organ. Through the process of NRT we are able to monitor the function of the organs by utilization of reflexes and specific points on the body. Each reflex of the body represents a specific organ, tissue or function, which indicate the level of energy flowing to and from that specific area.


By monitoring the energy function of each organ, we are able to provide a personalized plan to keep your body in prime health. 


Dr. Katy will go over a comprehensive case history, then perform the nutrition analysis by testing the reflexes of the body.


Depending on what reflexes show up needing assistance or support, Dr. Katy will utilize whole food supplements or homeopathics to correct the cause of the problem, aiding in the bodies ability to adapt and heal.


In addition to the supplements recommended, patients record a daily food journal at home for Dr. Katy to review at each follow up visit. Diet recommendations are individualized for each patient based off the NRT analysis and case history.