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Personalized Toxin Cleanse Programs

For many people, a detox for inflammation is one of the most important steps that they can take on the path to a healthier life.

Our modern world exposes us to more toxins than most people even realize! There is no escaping the toxicity around us, so instead of choosing to ignore the impact, we work with you to properly eliminate inflammation inducing toxins.

With detoxification becoming a mainstream health practice, we take it to the highest possible level by creating custom detoxification programs that address each person individually. We help you come up with an optimized nutrition and supplementation strategy to help you achieve the best possible results when the timing is right.

What is an Inflammation Detox?


An inflammation detox is a process that seeks to rid your body of all the toxins that are causing an inflammatory response. We use targeted testing to determine what specifics toxins are leading to inflammation in your body so that we can come up with a plan to eliminate them.

There are a wide variety of toxins that your body might be responding to when it becomes inflamed. These include:

  • Toxins from environmental pollutants

  • Toxins from processed foods and beverages

  • Toxins from cleaning supplies

  • Toxins from cosmetics

  • Toxins from medications


While it may not be possible to completely eliminate exposure to all toxins, we will help you identity what inflammatory toxins you are coming into contact with and come up with a sustainable strategy for avoiding them as much as possible.

The Benefits of a Toxin Cleanse


Toxins have many far-reaching effects in our bodies. In addition to reducing inflammation, a toxin cleanse can also:

  • Improve your energy levels and ability to focus

  • Improve your mood

  • Improve your skin

  • Boost your immune system and the speed of your immune response

  • Allow for better digestion and support you in achieving weight loss goals


Of course, a toxin cleanse is specifically geared toward reducing the signs and symptoms of inflammation. These include joint pain, rashes, low energy levels, digestive issues (bloating, constipation, etc.) and sinus build-ups. For many people, these symptoms go on for years without any relief, particularly if no steps are taken to figure out what the root cause(s) of the inflammation are so that they may be taken care of as appropriate.

While our bodies already have natural ways of eliminating toxins, they are not always sufficient for completely cleansing ourselves of chemicals and other substances that cause us harm. A toxin cleanse will take care of the toxins that your body can’t get rid of on its own, in turn supporting better overall health and wellness.

Are You Ready For a Body Cleanse Detox?


Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:


Why am I not sleeping right?


Why am I always bloated?


Why do I get sick so easily?

If you have unexplained symptoms of inflammation, a detox might be right for you.

A complete toxin cleanse is recommended for individuals who are living with inflammation and who are looking for a way to promote healthy change. If you need help reducing inflammation, we encourage you to consider a detox as a way to start from scratch and remove existing toxins from your system.

Internal Cleansing with The Wellness Way


If you believe that you could benefit from an inflammation detox, we invite you to learn more about our testing methods and to find a Wellness Way Clinic near you. We’ll work with you to determine exactly which toxins are causing your inflammatory symptoms and to design a strategy for elimination that allows you to feel better once and for all.

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