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Pre-natal & Pediatric care

Dr. Katy is certified in the Webster techniques and specializes in prenatal care and pediatrics. 

Dr. Katy is a member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and has been utilizing their seminars to help her children at the practice better

Spinal subluxations are defined as abnormal alignment of vertebral that results in abnormal wear and tear on the joints, decrease range of motion. inflammation, pain and improper nerve function. 

Subluxations can be caused by what is known as the three T's; traumas, toxins and thoughts. 

Car accidents, slipping on ice, falling out of a tree, sitting at a desk all day, work injuries, etc. are all physical traumas that can cause subluxations. Too much fuel emissions, cigarette smoke, mercury exposure, etc. are toxin/environmental exposures that cause subluxations. When we come across these toxins and they get into our system, they can inflame/irritate an organ. The nerve that goes to the inflamed organ also will become inflamed and lead back to the spinal joint where it comes from, and the nerve will stress the spinal joint at that level, causing the joint to be subluxated. This is known as the viscero-somatic response in the body. Viscero, referring to organs and somatic referring to musculoskeletal system. Receiving bad news at work or at home, getting into a fight with your spouse/loved one, having someone put you down, etc. are all emotional causes or subluxation. As you can see, there are many causes of subluxation. 

Chiropractic care is utilized to detect and correct vertebral subluxations in order to restore proper nerve function between the body and the brain.


That is why under Chiropractic care, not only will you notice pain going away, but you will also notice that you are sleeping better, in better spirits, digesting your meals better or any other wellness function improving. 

Dr. Katy is extensively trained at detecting and correcting the causes of subluxations.