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My journey to becoming a Chiropractor began in 2003 during my sophomore year of high school.  I started horseback riding at the age of 8 years old and had fallen off a horse too many times to count by the age of 16 years old.  During my sophomore year of high school I had developed so much neck pain from my horseback riding falls that my mother discovered me lying in my bed one evening crying because my neck hurt so much I couldn’t stand the thought of lifting my head off the pillow.  My mother gave me the choice to either go see a medical doctor or to go see my parents Chiropractor.  So I started Chiropractic care, not knowing the magnitude that chiropractic care would have on my life!

I can still clearly remember the day my whole life paradigm shifted.  It was during the second visit with my chiropractor, where we went over my report of findings and he used the phrase “your body is designed to heal itself, all it needs is no interference”.  I felt like I had been waiting my whole life for someone to say those words to me. In the back of my head I had always questioned why I should take medicine to cover up my cold, headache, back pain, etc. when that was supposed to be my body’s job. He went on to explain to me that my innate, which coordinates and operates the body’s life force, travels through your nervous system from the brain down the spinal column and out to where the message is needed and then back up to the brain. Vertebral subluxations are areas of the spinal column that are not functioning optimally due to misalignment and stresses which can cause interference to the messages that are flowing throughout the nervous system.  I learned that my neck pain was a warning sign from my body that there was dysfunction occurring within my nervous system. He used chiropractic adjustments to realign my vertebra to remove the interference so my body could function optimally and heal itself.

Over the course of receiving chiropractic adjustments my neck pain started to go away, which is what I was expecting.  But what I wasn’t expecting was how chiropractic would change my life. Before seeing a chiropractor I was a shy, over weight girl with low self esteem.  I wasn’t very active and I pretty much kept to myself. After a few months of chiropractic care I started to smile more, talk more and I even began running (which I previously hated). I was eating healthier and sleeping better. I gained the confidence to go on and become a successful horseback riding competitor and instructor, something I desired to do but didn’t have the gusto to achieve. The better my innate started to flow through chiropractic care, the more I desired to get out of life.  I learned that you aren’t limited to a certain amount of health and happiness. In fact, there is an infinite amount of health flowing through your body every day, you just have to listen to it and take care of it.

When it came to choosing a career choice at the end of high school I knew chiropractic was the only choice for me. I wanted to spend the rest of my life giving back to others what I had gained for myself, a health care choice free of drugs and surgery, that focuses on the cause of dysfunction of the body and not the symptoms.  I completed three years of prerequisites at Michigan State University and then I went to Life University in Marietta, Georgia to complete the Doctor of Chiropractic program. It was a grueling program where I completed 341 credit hours in only 3 and a half years. I graduated in March of 2012 with the greatest feeling of self accomplishment and pride. I also completed a post graduate course to be AVCA certified (American Veterinarian Chiropractic Association), so I could combine my two passions in life: horses and chiropractic.  

I have been practicing since the spring of 2012 and founded Wellness Roots Chiropractic & Nutrition Center PLLC in April of 2017.  

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